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Our Mission?
DMV Brass Academy exists to engage, inspire, and guide horn players of all levels of experience
along their paths towards mastery.  We offer private horn instruction and host a series of masterclasses, clinics, and seminars throughout the year in-person as well as online.
What does "DMV" stand for?
DMV stands for DC, Maryland, and Virginia, where we are based.  We offer private horn instruction, chamber ensemble programs and clinics throughout the region, however, our academy is national and growing!  We now offer private instruction and masterclasses online nationally with plans to add international programs as well.
Who is involved?
  • Larry Williams is the Founder & Director of DMV Brass Academy.  Larry has taught privately and served on several university faculties for over 25 years, including the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University and Florida International University.  Larry teaches private lessons, coaches chamber music, and leads masterclasses, workshops and clinics hosted by the Academy.
  • Amanda Collins serves as an Associate Faculty member in the Academy.  Amanda conducts joint masterclasses with Larry and also serves as an Administrative Coordinator for the Academy.  Amanda is a DMV Horn Academy alumna.
  • Guest Faculty and Clinicians also participate in our education and performance programs.  They are members of professional orchestras, chamber ensembles, professors, and clinicians who share their experiences and passion for teaching and playing with our students.
Who are your students?
Our students range from beginners all the way though professional levels of experience.  In person and online lessons are available throughout the DMV region. Online lessons are also available for students outside of the DMV region,
"Larry was my horn teacher for nine years.  I studied with him individually, as well as at the Peabody Preparatory in the Herald Brass Quintet and French Horn Ensemble.  My family was first introduced to Larry when I was in the fourth grade at Waverly Elementary School.  I had only been playing French horn for a few months, and my band director felt that I would benefit from Larry’s teaching.  Larry opened my eyes (and ears) to a completely different side of music.  He challenged me artistically and intellectually.  He also set an amazing example for both my sister and me, as we grew up attending his professional performances and got to meet other talented musicians in the area.  We both excelled greatly under his tutelage.  However, the skills that I learned from him do not only relate to music performance.  He taught me discipline and patience, and that I could do anything that I wanted as long as I had the will to learn.  When we first met him, my parents and I had the expectation that Larry would help with my breathing and playing techniques, but we never imagined that he would become the true friend and mentor that I consider him to be today.  I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a wonderful teacher and coach!"
 - Tracie Ervin, Teaching Studio Alumna

“I cannot say how much I appreciate the help I have gotten from Larry Williams over the past three years. Larry has always been around and available to give extremely personalized advice on my career as an aspiring trombonist, teacher, and chamber musician. I am inspired constantly with his patience and attention to detail. Larry also leads by example. His career is a shining example of how a musician can create for him or herself an extremely fulfilling career by wearing many different hats. I am so grateful to have Larry Williams as a mentor in my musical career.”
 - Gabriel Colby, C Street Brass
"I've worked with Larry in his capacity as a performer, educator, and administrator. Prior to meeting Larry, I had been told by several colleagues that he was an outstanding horn player and musician, a phenomenal teacher, and a brilliant guy - having known him now for more than five years, I can say that all of those expectations were met and then some. I've learned a lot from Larry, not only from listening to him play and watching him teach, but from our many conversations. Larry is a forward thinker, and (equally as important) a DOER. I've always been impressed with his ability to think things through, take an idea and formulate a plan to put it into action, and follow it through. I would HIGHLY recommend Larry's services to anyone looking to better themselves and/or their ensemble/company!"
 - Matthew Brown, Faculty, Montclair State U.
"As an amateur horn player, I was frustrated by my inability to play any position/literature that required a high range because I "couldn't play high notes". Since I live in Boston, the only way I could study with Larry was over the Internet using a web camera. For the first time in my playing life (30 years), I am able to consistently play up to a "high C". Even when I have not been practicing (thus not "in shape"), I can still hit the high notes, proving that Larry's technique is the answer. It's amazing how much we accomplish having lessons on-line. It is a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone else who is interested."
 - Anne DiSciullo, Freelance Hornist, Boston
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